On 6 December a planning meeting for Stand Up To Racism Scotland met and agreed plans to announce a Scotland wide flagship demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday 19 March for UN Anti Racism Day 2022. Demonstrations in Glasgow, London and Cardiff are backed by the TUC, and are part of an international coordination that will see global protests against all forms of racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, and in opposition to fascism and the far right. You can follow the growing support and participation across many countries https://worldagainstracism.orgAn initial flyer for the demonstrations is attached, and you can join, invite to and share the link to the Facebook event page

ASSEMBLE KELVINGROVE PARK 11amMARCHING TO GEORGE SQUARE for rally Organisers are monitoring the Covid situation and safety guidelines will be announced nearer March The British government has ignored the inspiring Black Lives Matter movement’s demands and launched new attacks on communities and those who protest. Scapegoating of refugees and migrants is leading to deaths in the Mediterranean and the Channel as governments reinforce the borders of ‘Fortress Europe’. Priti Patel is pushing the Tories’ racist offensive through the Nationalities & Borders bill to criminalise refugees and solidarity with them. In Scotland, the continued existence of Dungavel detention centre, the campaign for justice for Sheku Bayoh, appalling privately outsourced refugee accommodation, and growing awareness of the Scottish establishment’s historic role in colonialism and the slave trade show racism must be systematically opposed here too. Internationally, We see a rise of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism and the growth of racist & fascist organisations legitimised by the mainstream politics of divide and rule, But the events of Kenmure Street that stopped the deportation of two of our neighbours, the overwhelming response in support of footballers who have faced racism shown by #TakeTheKnee, ongoing solidarity with refugees or the demands for climate justice at Cop26 all show that we are the majority and we have the power to bring about change. This is our chance to take to the streets, rally all the anti-racist forces against this racist offensive and send a powerful message that the anti-racist majority demands to be heard. We say refugees and migrants welcome, Black Lives Matter, no to racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and fascism.WORLDAGAINSTRACISM.ORG