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International Workers Memorial Day – Friday the 27th of April

Clackmannanshire’s Joint Trade Union Committee will be hosting an event at the memorial stone in front of Kilncraigs at 10:30am on Friday the 27th of April.

Every year more people are killed at work than in wars. Most don’t die of mystery ailments, or in tragic “accidents”. They die because an employer decided their safety just wasn’t that important a priority. Workers’ Memorial Day (WMD) commemorates those workers.

Workers’ Memorial Day is held on or near the 28th April every year, all over the world workers and their representatives conduct events, demonstrations, vigils and a whole host of other activities to mark the day. The day is also intended to serve as a rallying cry to “remember the dead, but fight for the living”. In 2018 the theme for the day is “unionised workplaces are safer workplaces!”

It’s no secret – workplaces where there are active trade union safety reps are twice as safe as those without. In workplaces where staff are not valued, they are more likely to get injured, become ill, get disabled, have their working lives cut short, or sometimes die. Low pay, long or irregular hours, and poor health and safety all have a massive impact. That is why International Workers’ Memorial Day is a time to remind ourselves of the importance of health and safety and trade unions, as we remember the dead and continue to fight for the living.

This years speakers will include:

JTUC Chair — Andy Kane

Council Provost — Tina Murphy

Depute CEO – Nikki Bridle

UNITE — Mark Lyon

Families Against Corporate

Killing— Louise Taggart

H&S Officer — Hazel Lovatt

MP – Luke Graham

Budget Newsletter

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Budget Newsletter

Budget Update

We have the decision.

SNP Councillors have sold out workers and voted through their budget with the cuts to our terms and conditions intact. We had hoped that common sense and decency would prevail and that no further action on our part would be required, however this has proved not to be the case. We will be contacting the Scottish Government and our elected politicians to express our utter contempt for this decision and on our intention to respond. We still hope to avoid an all out strike and we will use every other means of industrial action open to us first if council officers proceed with the firing and re-hiring of all staff. However we do need to be prepared to take steps to protect all of our jobs and all of our terms and conditions.

This decision may effect you directly today, and if it does you’ll lose thousands of pounds of pay and pensions over the remainder of your working careers. However if it does not, please recognise that the last barrier to working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all at straight time is about to be removed. We promise you that this will effect you in the future.

If you receive a ballot asking you to support Industrial Action it is ‘imperative’ that you return that ballot paper, no matter how you decide to vote. We would of course rather you vote Yes to protect yourselves and your colleagues however a low return of ballot papers will mean that this council can do what it likes to it’s workforce because it will know that it won’t have to face any consequences for their actions. If you do nothing else, please, return the ballot paper by post as soon as you receive it.

We will be posting updates to the website and on facebook as the situation develops. We would urge all members to check back regularly to keep themselves up to date on these events.

Budget Update / Protest

On Thursday the 8th of March Clackmannanshire Council will be sitting to agree next years budget. This years cuts are some of the worst we have ever seen and the removal of our terms and conditions are included in the paperwork. It seems unthinkable that SNP councillors would vote through proposals that they know will mean the firing of their entire workforce in order to reduce the wage bill, however it would appear that they may actually be prepared to vote this through.

This week we will be contacting all Elected Members to remind them of our opposition to forcing a change to the terms and conditions of staff, in addition we will be hosting a protest between 8.30 and 10.30 outside of Kilncraigs to make sure Elected Members get the message. We would encourage all of our members to take part where possible, by coming in a little earlier or starting their working day a little later. Better to lose a little of our own time now than suffer cuts to our wages or forced changes to our working hours in the future. So, if you can join us please do so and remember that it must be in your own time.

If these proposals are voted through without amendment on Thursday then Council Officers will move quickly in order to serve notice of the ending of our current contracts and the implementation of new ones. So we must be ready to move quickly too. We have therefore started preparations for a ballot on industrial action. We hope that this will not be needed but if it is then we must be prepared to take a stand against those seeking to do us harm, and make no mistake, for those facing a serious reduction in take home pay and pension, this will do great harm.

Our message is clear, we will not lie down and meekly allow Councillors to punish the hard working staff of Clackmannanshire Council because of the failures of management and councillors to run an efficient local authority in the past. It is not the staff who were responsible for costly hair brained schemes like Shared Services or for hiring expensive consultants at the drop of every hat. They did not create the financial difficulty that our organisation is now in, so they should not be the ones to pay the price now that the chickens are coming home to roost.

We hope to see many of you on Thursday.



Thursday the 22nd of February 2018  

Alloa Town Hall 12:00 til 2:00

The Clackmannanshire Branch of UNISON would like to invite you to join us at our 2018 AGM

For those attending there will be a free lunch provided from 12:00 until 12:15, and this year there is a free prize draw of a £50 voucher.

Our local branch is (as always) in need of new Stewards in many areas of the Council. Becoming a UNISON steward is a rewarding experience and it comes with training, a chance to develop new skills and the time off from your workplace to carry out the duties of a Trade Union representative. We would encourage you to consider becoming a new steward, especially if there is not currently a UNISON steward in your own area of work.

Our speaker this year is still to be confirmed

Audit Scotland report on Clackmannanshire Council Finances

Pam Robertson secretary of UNISON Clackmannanshire said: “The Scottish Government must step in to review how smaller councils are funded. Audit Scotland’s report suggests Clackmannanshire Council’s must cut a quarter of its operational budget.

These cuts will decimate libraries, classroom assistants, school music tuition and care in the community. Council staff are threatened with cuts in pay, working hours, and pensions. Staff have already voluntarily given up an hour of their working week to help deal with the budget deficit.

“Clackmannanshire Council must cut unnecessary projects and the use of expensive external consultants and stop attacking the terms and conditions of hard working staff who are doing their best to provide our services with fewer and fewer colleagues. UNISON are willing to discuss how they can help but we will not tolerate compulsory redundancies.”

Attacks on PAY = Attacks on Public Services

As you will probably have seen, UNISON have been running a Postcard Campaign to inform elected members of our opposition to attacks on pay via Unsocial Hours cuts and the erosion of our hard fought for Terms and Conditions. We are currently collating all the cards together and will be handing these over to Councillors shortly.  If you haven’t yet filled out one of these cards we would urge you to do so and hand it into the office. If you don’t have any cards then feel free to print one off from the link below and hand it back into us.

As we approach the budget for 2018/19 it will be vital to send a clear message to the elected members that they can’t make their savings by attacking staff so we urge you to fill in a card, and to get members of the public, family members and friends who live in Clackmannanshire and who oppose cuts to Council Services to do the same.



Scottish Pension Bulletin October 2017

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Are you a UNISON member who is a registered professional member of any health and social care professional
regulatory body?

You may be entitled to be advised and represented by UNISON’s Professional Services Unit (PSU) if:
• You face allegations that your fitness to practise is impaired OR
• You have applied for registration or renewal of your registration with one of these professional regulatory bodies
but your application has been refused.

Click on this link for more information

Professional Guidance document

JTUC Members meetings held in May – Petition update

There was a suggestion floated during one of the Joint Trade Union meetings in May that a petition be drawn up to allow staff to show their frustration and lack of confidence in those running our organisation. It was noted at the time that a similar petition was used in East Lothian Council which had provided good results. On reviewing the East Lothian petition it became apparent that it was specifically focused on the contracts department and not, as was generally thought, against the whole Council. The Branch Executive considered the benefits of producing and circulating a Council wide petition however it was agreed that there were few benefits in doing so and a good deal of skepticism that members of staff would be willing to put their names to such a document. We have instead decided to focus our actions on persuading elected members of the the folly of attacking the low paid with cuts to their salary. A newsletter will shortly be sent out to all members updating them on the situation and detailing steps that all of our members can take to help us to convince Councillors that, among other things, attacking staff’s meager terms and conditions is not the way to balance a budget.

Manchester – UNISON Response by Dave Prentice

“This was a despicable act designed to cause maximum pain and suffering. It’s barbaric beyond words that this happened at a concert attended by so many children and young people.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected including the wounded, those searching for loved ones, and those grieving a terrible loss.

“We also pay tribute to those public servants involved – their response was incredible. Many worked through the night to save lives or rushed into work to help when news broke of the attack. And they will continue to put Manchester back together in the days and weeks ahead.

“Strangers providing young people with a place to stay, taxi drivers taking people to safety and long queues at blood banks this morning tell a simple but important story – that hatred will never triumph.”


You will have already received notification of a series of meetings to take place on Thursday 18th of May at Alloa Town Hall, relating to the proposal from Clackmannanshire Council to remove unsocial hours payments from staff’s terms and conditions.

Clackmannanshire Councillor’s agreed to Council Management’s proposals to change our members terms and conditions, removing unsocial hours payments and in doing so paving the way for a  wider review of the Working Week including redefining the working week, role flexibility and changes to other terms & conditions.

Managements proposals are that unsocial hours payments would be stopped with effect from 1 October 2017.

The proposals from Management indicates that some of the key reasons for these proposed changes are: the contribution to reducing the Council budget gap and the flexible working choices that weekend and evening work represent.

These proposals are a clear attack on staff’s terms and conditions, in our view they disproportionately affect low-paid female workers (particularly those that work in social care), present a massive drop in the take home pay of many staff and UNISON believes, and are a clear indication of a move to 7 day working on standard pay.

These proposals should concern every member of staff regardless of currently receiving unsocial hours payments or not. They mean a cut to many of your colleagues pay, are a cut to your terms & condition and pave the way for a wider change that will impact not only on how and when you work but also work/ life balance and jobs.

We would encourage as many UNISON members as possible to attend one of the meetings, the times of which are detailed below – and also in the JTUC flyer that has already been distributed to members. It has been agreed that managers will release staff to attend one of the meetings,

These proposals present a massive cut to the terms & conditions of Clackmannanshire Council Staff, please make every effort to attend one of the 5 meetings, to make your views on the proposals known and help defend your terms and conditions.

CLACKMANNANSHIRE JTUC  – Special Meetings – Terms & Conditions – Unsocial Hours

Venue: Alloa Town Hall

Thursday the 18th of May 2017
08:30 until 09:30
10:00 until 11:30
12:00 until 13:30
14:00 until 15.30
16:00 until 17:00