Covid 19 – Information page

Covid update April 17th 2022

Self-isolation policy for COVID contacts aged 0-5: additional information on the change that applies from 6 January 2022

The change in self-isolation policy for children under 5 who are close contacts

There is currently a very high volume of information being published about the Covid 19 situation and it is impossible to send this all out to members directly. We will use this page to provide useful links to other sources and also publish documents and advice that is sent to us. 

UNISON Useful Links

· Joint COSLA – TU FAQs for LG workers; here 
· Fair Pay for Scottish Council Workers Facebook page (being updated regularly) – here  
· SJC Guidance on Covid-19 Pay and condition protections –here
· SJC Guidance on Home working, vulnerable groups and deployment to other tasks – here 
· SSSC regulatory changes and impact on home care/support – here
· NH Isolation certificate for employees required to provide evidence re isolation – here

· General link for members to get information on their benefits from the government – here
· Thompsons general advice on employer/employee legal responsibilities – here 

Published Documents